RGV Film Commission Benefis

Benefits For Film Makers-

Located in the lower State of Texas, those choosing to film in our area of the Rio Grande Valley will benefit from both state and local incentives.

State incentives include:

Production incentives

In order to qualify for production incentives, a minimum of 60% of the moving image must be filmed in Texas.
If at least 25% of the filming project is filmed in an underused area you may qualify for a reimbursement of 2.5% of  your production costs

 Tax exemptions

1. On Sales Tax for rented or purchased items used during production
2. Refunds 6% of State Occupancy Tax when hotels are rented for at least 30 consecutive days
3. On Fuel Tax when fuel is used off-road
4. Federal exemptions
For more information on any of the above can be found on Governor Rick Perry’s website,

 Local incentives

Opportunities to film not only throughout the Rio Grande Valley but also in towns across the border, such as Reynosa and Progreso.

The RGV film commission includes all of Hidalgo, Willacy, Starr and Cameron Counties to serve for your filming location.
Over 330 days of sunshine and warm temperatures year around make our area ideal for filming
The RGV has many of the amenities of a big city but with the charm of a small town

Benefits For Local Membership:

  •  Networking opportunities
  • Training opportunities
  • Information on upcoming events and film projects
  • A voice in statewide advocacy concerns
  • Information on industry trends and happenings
  • Exposure to film producers looking for talent and crew
  • Listing in the online RGV production directory