RGV Film Commission FAQ’s

What is a film commission?

A film commission serves as a liaison for filmmakers in finding the ideal location. Film Commissions were established to aid filmmakers in their production process while simultaneously promoting a geographic location.

What crew, equipment, and resources are available in RGV?

A list of the resources the Rio Grande Valley contains can be found here.

Why film in the Rio Grande Valley?
The Rio Grande Valley is located in the southern most region of the state of Texas. Located on the U.S. – Mexico border, the Rio Grande Valley is a culturally rich area. Once an agricultural community, this area has evolved into a growing metropolitan region. According to the Forbes list of fasting growing cities in the United States, the Rio Grande valley is an ideal market for up and coming businesses and entrepreneurs.  With an array of scenic attractions, the Rio Grande Valley attracts tourists year round.

From the beaches of South Padre Island, to the historic birding center in Roma, the Rio Grande Valley is visually entertaining.  And, with a combination of the new and the old, and eleven different ecosystems, the Rio Grande Valley can substitute for many different regions. As an additional benefit, labor costs are very low.

What are some of the benefits of filming in the Rio Grande Valley?

To see our list of state and local benefits, click here.

 Who can I talk to for filming and location advice?

If you have questions please contact us  and we will ensure that any questions you may have will be answered.  The RGV film commission consists of members who are experts on this region’s locations and resources.

Do I need a permit?

There may be both state and local permits that need to be acquired when filming. The state permits required by the State of Texas can be found on Governor Rick Perry’s website.  Also, each city in the Rio Grande Valley will vary in the permits one needs to obtain, but we will help you to obtain what you require for each step of your filming process.

How do I, as an actor/talent/producer/potential film location site/volunteer, become involved in the RGV Film Commission?

Simply become a Member and Contact Us. There is no fee.